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I started programming in middle school, but when it came time for college I pursued a degree in Economics. My rationale was that there would be too many programmers looking for jobs by the time I graduated.

Boy, I was wrong. Later, I joined the Army to become a programmer, but the recruiter talked me into a military intelligence position, and I spent the next two years studying the Korean language. I served in South Korea for 2 years afterward. Before I left the Army, I attempted to get back into programming and was surprised at the difficulty.

How to: Work at Google — Example Coding/Engineering Interview

I did enjoy making websites, however, but I used software with a Word-like interface that I used to publish my websites. After the Army, I decided to stay in Korea for a year and teach English. A few years ago, I thought I could get hired anywhere. I thought I was hot stuff: the elusive full-stack web developer.

But during my job search inI realized my skills were lacking. I had spent so much time chasing dollars by running startups in my spare time, that I had let my skills atrophy. For years, I had learned just enough to get by.

I could get hired for areas where the tech stack was somewhat outdated, like me. The realization reached its peak last year at a career fair. I was interested in perhaps working for one of the local companies that were startup labs run by venture capital firms. At the beginning ofI decided it was time to make a career change from web developer to software engineer. I would need to study hard and practice in order to compress a computer science degree into a few months, but once I did, I could start a new career.

You may not see web development and software engineering as different positions. Both involve programming and craftsmanship, but software engineering adds to it knowledge of data structures and algorithms, compiled languages, memory considerations, and understanding the impact of coding and architecture decisions on the machines where they reside. Large companies that hire for software engineering positions expect candidates to have this knowledge. I reached out to an acquaintance who works at Google and asked him questions about his experience at the company.

I had been reading How Google Works and was pretty familiar with Google already. This became the basis of my study plan. Google sets a very high bar for hiring. They want to hire only the best. In brief, Google is a company that hires smart, creative people, and treats them well. Google rewards merit, encourages big ideas, and gives employees the freedom to make good decisions for the user. The hiring process is calibrated to bring in smart, passionate people.

Google has honed the recruitment and interview process over the years. The brain teaser questions are long gone. Nowadays candidates are chosen based on coding ability, technical knowledge, and Googleyness. Management is different. They trust engineers to make the right decisions. Trusting employees changes the role of managers at Google from what most folks envision when they think of management. Many of the important management decisions that could be perceived as office politics are handled by a committee to remove that danger.

Read Work Rules! Yes, the benefits are amazing. I went on a tour of the Google office in Kirkland, WA, and it surpassed my expectations.

And my expectations were already high.This is LeetCode's official curated list of Top classic interview questions to help you land your dream job. Our top interview questions are divided into the following series:. Just like any other skills, coding interview is one area where you can greatly improve with deliberate practice.

google interview medium

Most of the classic interview questions have multiple solution approaches. For the best practice result, we strongly advise you to go through this list at least a second time, or even better - a third time. By the second attempt, you may discover some new tricks or new methods. By the third time, you should find that your code appear to be more concise compared to your first attempt.

If so, congratulations! Remember: Deliberate practice does not mean looking for answers and memorizing it. You won't go very far with that approach. The more you are able to solve a problem yourself without any reference to answers, the more you will improve. Back to Explore. Medium Collection. Array and String type of questions were asked in interviews frequently. You will most likely encounter one during your interviews. Linked List problems are relatively easy to master. Do not forget the Two-pointer technique, which not only applicable to Array problems but also Linked List problems as well.

Another technique to greatly simplify coding in linked list problems is the dummy node trick. Tree is a special type of graphs, so the two usual techniques used to traverse a graph are also applicable to trees. Note that some of the tree problems can also be asked in n-ary tree format, so make sure you know what an n-ary tree is. Note: Although Number of Islands is not a tree problem, it can be represented as a graph and therefore we categorize it as a graph problem.

Here are some of the best backtracking interview questions. These problems deal with sorting or searching in a sorted structure. Here are some classic Dynamic Programming interview questions. These problems may require you to implement a given interface of a class, and may involve using one or more data structures. These are great exercises to improve your data structure skills.

Most of the math questions asked in interviews do not require math knowledge beyond middle school level. Here are some other questions that do not fit in other categories. General Support. Other Inquiries. Console Application.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

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Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview

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View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.A few of my readers have been kind enough to also reach out and ask if the interview series has ended or the reason for not putting out more blog posts recently.

This blog post will hopefully also share the reason for the same:. The chance to stay away from the comfort of home was also a great learning and one of the defining moments for me, for the next phase I will be moving back to my hometown and continue working on my Machine Learning Journey. Subalalitha for believing in a project with training loops extending over days We used a single GPU machine as well as allowing me to prepare for the AI Residency interview which had happened during the same period.

All details on the project and research work coming soon in a blog post, with full source code. I have always been a fan of giving back to the community, with DSNet we hope to create a welcoming community for Data Science beginners as well as people looking to grow in the field.

We would love to grow the community to an all-country one and beyond. Here are the details of what is DSNet. To share some of the stats as of today. DSNet has:. Come, join us if the above points sound interesting. Kaggle is really the home of Data Science. I have been a long time fan of kaggle as well as kagglers.

Many of the best have been kind enough to be a part of the interview series as well. Dreams do come true: Our team finished 8th in the comp, bringing the first competition category Gold to my profile.

To be honest, all credit goes to my teammates who really were the brains behind the gold medal. My only regret is that due to the interview preparations, I chose not to get involved in competitions after Petfinder which was really hard considering how addictive kaggle is. Hopefully, now, I will get back on the leaderboards soon! Earlier this year I received an email that really changed my life.

It was a dream come true moment for me when I received an update on my application. It was really a moment to make my gurus from fast. As I had mentioned in my journey series, I chose to opt out of college placements and chose to stick to the ML path and seek opportunities in this domain. This was really the dream opportunity that not just me, thousands of others could wish for.Most of them require you to think quantitatively and broadly, and test the way you tackle problems on the spot.

What is your favorite Google product, and how would you improve it? If you wanted to bring your dog to work but one of your team members was allergic to dogs, what would you do?

If ads were removed from YouTube, how would you monetize it? What do you know about Google? Design an evacuation plan for the building. Which do you think has more advertising potential in Boston, a flower shop or a funeral home? A coin was flipped 1, times and there were heads. Do you think the coin is biased? What does "being Googley" mean to you? Name a prank you would pull on x manager if you were hired.

What would you want to do if you didn't have to work? What scares you? How many ways can you think of to find a needle in a haystack? Estimate the number of tennis balls that can fit into a plane. If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be? If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be? How do you think the digital advertising world will change in the next three years?

Describe AdWords to a 7-year-old. You have a grocery delivery service similar to Amazon Fresh that delivers food within 24 hours. Estimate how many trucks you need to operate this service. How would you explain cloud computing to a 6-year-old?

How many haircuts do you think happen in America every year? List six things that make you nervous. What is the market for driverless cars in the year ? Model raindrops falling on a sidewalk sidewalk is 1m and raindrops are 1cm. How could we know when the sidewalk is completely wet? Tell me a joke.

google interview medium

Define a service that would allow you to travel to the future. Would you remove the link to an extremist piece of writing? You have a colony on Mars that you want to communicate with. How do you build a system to communicate with them? How many cars travel across a bridge each day? If you had access to a bank's database, how would you use that information to design an ATM for elderly people?

How would you improve a shoe factory? Design a mobile social app for a chain of local orthodontist offices. What is the number of new book titles published in the U.Category - All. Pick One. Add Two Numbers.

google interview medium

Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters. Median of Two Sorted Arrays. Longest Palindromic Substring. ZigZag Conversion. Reverse Integer. String to Integer atoi. Palindrome Number. Regular Expression Matching. Container With Most Water. Integer to Roman.

google interview medium

Roman to Integer. Longest Common Prefix. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number. Valid Parentheses. Merge Two Sorted Lists. Generate Parentheses. Merge k Sorted Lists. Swap Nodes in Pairs. Reverse Nodes in k-Group. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array. Remove Element. Implement strStr. Divide Two Integers. Substring with Concatenation of All Words. Next Permutation. Longest Valid Parentheses.

Search in Rotated Sorted Array. Search Insert Position. Valid Sudoku. Sudoku Solver. Count and Say. Combination Sum.Somewhere in my mind I knew that I had to try because getting into Google was not impossible. Like many other techies out there, Google has been my dream company right from the beginning.

When I cleared the Google interview this time, many of my friends reached out to me for tips and guidance for their upcoming interviews. During these conversations I started identifying patterns and felt like it might be worth documenting these since I know the struggle of interviewing in and out by now. Its a tough process and can get a bit strenuous at times specially if you are working a full time job. A lot of articles on the internet have helped me during my preparation and this is one way of me giving back to the developer community.

Hope this helps! Fun fact, I tried to crack the Google interview once before this in and failed. One interview on that day was so bad that I went completely blank and simply ended up having a discussion with my interviewer :D. Also, later in the article, I have mentioned 1 mistake that I did during my preparation which I wish I could take back. During my 3. Each experience has taught me tons and I would say that the knowledge I gained at each step has made my journey into Google easier as compared to me interviewing as a new grad.

This time when I decided to look for my next opportunity, I had clarity about one thing in my mind. I wanted to really take my time to prepare for my next big gig and not settle for anything lesser.

Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview

But somewhere in my mind I knew that I had to try because getting into Google was not impossible. Reading about the company and preparing specifically for it is generally the most ignored section by candidates and all I can say is, it is one of those sections that can really set you apart from others.

In my experience, any interview preparation involves mastering 5 important things. Coding, design, language specific concepts, previous projects and resume and last but not the least company specific reading.

All of the companies that I have interviewed for in my career have had at least 2 rounds of pure algorithmic questions where you are given a problem and you need to come up with a solution and code for it. Write code for printing the numbers 1 to 10 on the console. Of course this is just an example :D.

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I have elaborated this section specifically in lot more detail in the rest of the article. Depending on the level I was interviewing for, some companies have had 1 round of design questions where you are given a rather abstract system and you are required to come up with a design for that system. If you were to build a social networking website from scratch, how would you design the system?

For the next 3 sections, some companies will have 1 dedicated round for them while some others might combine it with some other sections like coding or design. For most interviews, you are expected to provide the company with a language you are most comfortable with.

You are expected to know the basics of this language in most cases apart from coding ability. Some companies might ask you about the basics while some might just dive deep into one area. What is inheritance in Java? This is one of those sections that I have sometimes completely forgotten to prepare for, since I was completely focused on getting the other sections like coding and design right, but interviewing is not just about coding!

Its about proving yourself to be a potential teammate.

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