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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Komal Mohan Every Now and then, you come across something on Google's video sharing platform YouTube that you want to immediately share with your friends. However, did you know that there's also an option to chat while watching a video. Every Now and then, you come across something on Google 's video sharing platform YouTube that you want to immediately share with your friends.

This means you need not exit your YouTube app to chat or send an important message to someone. Tap on Shared. Recently, the same messaging feature was rolled out for the web version as well.

View comments Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Google announces YouTube Learning Destination to help students study online.

Google removing fake corona videos from YouTube: Sundar Pichai. YouTube reduces default video streaming quality globally. How to set up your Fitbit device.Live chat is enabled by default and will appear to the right of the video player when your live stream is active. After your live stream ends, viewers will see a replay of live chat when they watch the stream archive.

The Live chat module only exists on the YouTube watch pages — it does not follow embedded players. Watch the video demo. Note: Chat replay is only available on new live streams.

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Live streams that are trimmed in video editor will not have Chat replay. Live chat badges identify the Streamer and Moderator.

Click on the expandable area below for more information on moderators. Viewers are limited to characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds. Event owners are not subject to the frequency threshold. Then, click the send icon. You can review chat activity in YouTube Analytics. The "Comments" metric is for live and on demand. Note: The deletion of a Super chat message post-live stream will not result in a refund. You can assign moderators for all live chat sessions. Moderators remain on the list until they are unassigned.

We strongly recommend that you have at least one dedicated live chat moderator for high-traffic events. Moderators can interact with the audience and remove comments when appropriate. They can also flag, hide, or put users in time out. Select menu next to username in chat and select Set User as Moderator or follow these instructions:. You will see options to delete the message, place the user in time out, and hide the user from the chat message feed or comments section on your channel.

Select the checkbox for Automatically block spam messages checkbox. This blocks simple spam such as long messages in all caps or repeated identical messages by the same user. Select menu next to the chat message and select Hide User or follow these instructions:. Note: This will also hide the user from the comments. Users you have hidden will be visible in Hidden Users in Community Settings.

Note : Once a user's hide status has been removed, they will once again be able to leave comments and live chat messages on your channel. This makes it easier for them to see your response in the chat feed. Create a live stream. You can hold live chats that are exclusively for your members. To turn on members-only live chat on your computer:.

You can also make your live stream more engaging and interactive with 3rd party tools and services that are available for YouTube Live. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community. YouTube Get support.By Sage Lazzaro For Dailymail. YouTube is introducing a new way to let users share and chat about videos without leaving its app. The new feature - called Share on YouTube- is a basic chat feature and rolls out globally for mobile today.

The firm hopes it will cut down on users switching to Facebook's Messenger of other apps to share videos with their friends. YouTube is introducing a way to let users share and chat about videos without leaving the app. The new feature - which has no official name - is a basic chat feature and rolls out globally for mobile only today. The firm has already come under fire from users for the number of options it offers.

The company began experimenting with a chat function in May and began testing it in Canada earlier this year. The new feature simply offers a new way to share videos, but users can continue copying and pasting video URLs or selecting other social networks when clicking the 'share' button. Currently, chat is only available on mobile, and there is no word on plans for a desktop roll out. The feature will be built into the current 'share' button and let users select recipients from their phones' contact lists.

Users can start one-on-one chats or group chats with up to 30 people, in which they can watch shared videos without leaving the thread. Any videos shared with the new chat feature will also live on a brand new tab on users' YouTube apps, making it easier them to catch up on videos sent by friends.

YouTube says 'like chats around the water cooler, shouldn't sharing a video be as easy as saying, 'Have you heard this new song? The new feature is a move to keep users in the app rather than having them switch to another service to share its content. Additionally, all the other big social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat already have messaging features for one-on-one threads and groups. The 'share' button now includes a way to select recipients from your contact list and forward the app in YouTube.

Users can start one-on-one or group chats, in which they can watch shared videos without leaving the thread. Since the idea was first tested last year, it seem YouTube has done little to develop it other than make small changes the display. Critics and users alike have already show disinterest in the app, which many are saying doesn't provide enough to differentiate itself or make itself more convenient than other sharing options.A free video chat app on your desktop computer keeps you connected with friends and family around the world.

The services featured here are compatible with multiple platforms, and many are also available as mobile apps. Check the specifications for each product and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Skype is the most popular app for voice and video calling. In the mobile market, Skype has been dethroned by WhatsApp and Viberbut it's still the most prominent tool for free communication on desktop computers. Skype offers HD-quality voice and video and is often considered the best when it comes to both visual and sound quality. Video and audio calls are free between Skype users. A paid subscription is required to make audio calls to landlines.

Skype for the Web works best with Microsoft Edge and the latest version of Chrome. Google Hangouts is great for many reasons, including the fact that many people can use it right away because they already have a Gmail account. A connected Google account facilitates login and accesses the contacts you already have stored in Gmail. Since it runs entirely in your web browser, you don't have to download anything to run Google Hangouts.

YouTube adds chat feature to allow sharing in the app

The app accesses your webcam and microphone through the Google Hangouts website and delivers HD transmission of both right through the browser.

Google Hangouts is also available as a video chat mobile app for Android and iOS. If you have a Windows computer, Viber might be the perfect free video-calling app for you.

Viber lets you turn the video off whenever you like, mute the call, or even transfer the call. It works so much like a regular phone that it should be one of the easier apps to use from this list.

youtube chat app

Viber's Android and iOS apps use only the text and voice-calling features. Making a video call from Facebook is easy. Select the Messenger icon from the top right of the screen whether from the desktop or mobile app. Open a message with someone and then select the small camera icon to initiate the video call. You may be advised that a plugin is necessary. This works anywhere you can access the calling features: Facebook.

How to 'chat' with your friends on YouTube

Facetime offers excellent video and audio quality with an easy-to-use interface. So, if you're wondering you can get Facetime for Windowsthe answer is no. If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, make video or audio calls from the device almost exactly as you would a regular phone call. Similar to Google Hangouts, Facetime lets you search through your phone's contacts to find someone to call. If your contacts use FaceTime, it's shown on their contact screen.

Video Calls Skype Facetime.

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Tweet Share Email. Our Review of Skype. Visit Skype. Our Review of Google Hangouts. Visit Google Hangouts. Our Review of Viber.A liveChatMessage resource represents a chat message in a YouTube live chat.

The resource can contain details about several types of messages, including a newly posted text message or fan funding event. The live chat feature is enabled by default for live broadcasts and is available while the live event is active.

After the event ends, live chat is no longer available for that event. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Guides Reference Samples Support. Resource Summary LiveBroadcasts. Error Handling. Try it now. The API request must be authorized by the channel owner or a moderator of the live chat.

youtube chat app

The value will be youtube liveChatMessage. This property is always present, and its value determines which fields are present in the resource. Valid values for this property are: chatEndedEvent — The chat has ended and no more messages can be inserted after this one. This will occur naturally a little while after a broadcast ends. Note that this type of message is not currently sent for live chats on a channel's default broadcast.

The author field contains the moderator's details. This event does not have any display content. The author fields contain the new sponsor's details.

This event has no display content. It is not sent upon deletion of a message, but rather is shown to signify where the message used to be before deletion. Only the snippet. The live chat ID associated with a broadcast is returned in the liveBroadcast resource's snippet. This field is only filled for the following message types: If the message type is textMessageEventthe property value identifies the user that wrote the message.

If the message type is fanFundingEventthe property value identifies the user that funded the broadcast. If the message type is messageDeletedEventthe property value identifies the moderator that deleted the message.

If the message type is newSponsorEventthe property value identifies the user that just became a sponsor. If the message type is userBannedEventthe property value identifies the moderator that banned the user. This field is not present if the message type is chatEndedEvent or tombstone. As of February 28,liveChatMessage resources will no longer return details for Fan Funding events.

This object contains details about the funding event.Make watching your favorite videos easier with the YouTube app. Explore brand new content, music, news and more with the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad.

Discover even more with the official YouTube app. Subscribe to channels with your favorite content, share them with friends or upload your very own videos for everyone to see. Get more out of your video streaming app and discover even more with YouTube. Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. True that some videos are recorded with very low audio pre-gain so that their playbacks on this old iPad are almost inaudible to my aging ears.

My real complaint is about how difficult the settings menu makes it to delete my own comments history and my viewing history. Try doing this a few hundred times every so often. It only matters so much to me because of the degree to which they YT, Google, Quora, etc.??? It works at what it needs to do, playing videos and at a usually good quality might I add.

However there are some major flaws that are infuriating to deal with. Recently there was an update that causes videos to enlarge to their originally recorded aspect ratio. This causes numerous videos to enlarge to a ratio that takes up the entire left side of the screen.

This causes the description and comments to be impossible to navigate at all. After seeing this issue, I wanted to see which update it was that caused my issue, assuming it was the most recent one. But when they do not disclose what exactly these updates do, these statements seem extremely condescending.

Overall, the app is sufficient, but greatly frustrating and troublesome to deal with at times. Recently there was an update that caused the suggested videos under the one you are currently watching to be become extremely enlarged. The thumbnails are now so big that it looks clunky and haphazardly thrown together.

The movement of the comments section is also disorienting and was not needed. Previously, due to the original size of the thumbnails, they were small enough to be skipped with a single swipe and the comments sections opened automatically. Now, the location of the comments change constantly, from under the video, to under the title, and under the description.

The comments section is also very hard to see due to its smaller size from trying to fit in the before mentioned new locations, and is extremely inconsistent in what is displayed; sometimes the top comment is displayed, sometimes nothing is displayed, and other times the option to comment is displayed.

I understand that some people could enjoy this new update, so an option in the settings would be greatly appreciated from those like me, who do not prefer this new setup. Overall I think this update was completely unnecessary, unpolished, and frustrating. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV. App Store Preview.YouTube has been implementing small changes the past few months. A notable change is the introduction of a dark theme for the web version, a new loading animation, and small animated previews of videos that play when you hover the mouse over a video thumbnail.

YouTube has also updated its iOS and Android apps. The new update includes a chat feature. Update the YouTube app and open it. Find a video you like and tap the share arrow under it. The share sheet will show you frequent contacts.

These are pulled from your Gmail account however, they are not your YouTube contacts. You have to add them to YouTube. Your Gmail contacts and your phone contacts are treated separately. You can add contacts from your phone to YouTube.

youtube chat app

Tap a contact in the share sheet to send them the video. Allow the YouTube app to access your contacts, and then select a contact to share the video with. When you share a video with a contact, it starts a YouTube chat thread. When you share a video with a contact, it sends them a request. The person must approve this request for the conversation to start. To start a conversation, you have to share a video but what if you want to go back to it?

The UI seemingly has no way to do that but it is there, just poorly designed. In the YouTube app, go to the Activity tab. Here you can see all your chat threads as well as contact requests. Tap a contact and start chatting. The app has group chat so you can add more than one person to a thread. If you want, you can delete a thread, or just mute notifications for it.

It needs to be said; no one asked for this feature. The YouTube comments section is one the worst places for online discourse. The live chat featured alongside live videos is equally terrible and often full of bots. Does YouTube think these conversations will be any better simply because users are having them with contacts?

youtube chat app

Viber now allows users to search for and send a YouTube video without leaving the app. This feature is pointless for the most part.

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